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Swiss Gold Initiative Referendum to Acquire 1500 Tons of Gold

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Switzerland has historically been a nation of sound monetary policy and low inflation. But this has rapidly changed during the past few decades as the Swiss government quietly removed the 40% gold backing of their currency from the revised Federal Constitution which was adopted by a majority vote in 1999. Since 2008, the Swiss National Bank's balance sheet has expanded 5 times from CHF 100 billion to CHF 500 billion. Therefore due to dissatisfaction with the conduct of Swiss monetary policy and Swiss banking policy, the Swiss People's Party (SVP) have collected 100,000 signatures from Swiss citizens calling for a referendum on gold.

What is the Gold Initiative Referendum?

On November 30th, the 8 million citizens of Switzerland will vote either YES or NO in an opportunity to determine the fate of their own financial system. On the ballot will be three matters which would effectively make Switzerland the first country in the world with an official partial gold-backing of their currency. Citizens will vote on:
1) Returning their national gold which is held abroad back to Switzerland
2) Requiring the Swiss National Bank to hold 20% of their assets in physical gold
3) Prohibiting further gold sales

What will a “YES” vote mean for Switzerland and gold?

If the referendum passes, Switzerland's central bank will swallow up a whopping 1500 tons of gold over a period of 5 years to support the underlying value of their currency. A currency backed by gold also means that the government and central bank cannot manipulate the currency supply by printing endless amounts of money without retaining a relative amount of gold.

Switzerland Repatriation

The Switzerland National Bank would also need to bring back 300 tons of gold that is currently in the UK and Canada. If this gold is available for delivery, it should return immediately, however Germany recently had a different experience. They requested to have 647 tons returned to their country from the Fed but all they have received so far is 5 tons! The Fed said that this process would take 5 years, however a measly 5 tons is a very small fraction of what they are owed. If Switzerland has a similar experience to Germany, this process could take even longer than the projected 5 years of getting this process complete.

What effect will this have on gold?

A YES vote in the Swiss Gold referendum would mean that Switzerland would have to buy upwards of 1,500 tons of gold at current prices. To put this in perspective, 1500 tons equals 48.225 million troy ounces of gold which is valued at approximately $58.9 billion. This would likely have an immense impact on the price of gold and constrain supply, since this amount is approximately 70% of annual world gold production. All of that physical gold will be extremely difficult to acquire without effecting the gold price at these suppressed levels while China and India are buying with both hands.

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Will The Swiss Vote to Get Their Gold Back?

The gold referendum, if it is successful, will be a slap in the face to those elites. The Swiss people appreciate the work their forefathers put into building up large gold reserves, a respected currency, and a strong, independent banking system. They do not want to see centuries of struggle squandered by a central bank. The results of the November referendum may be a bellwether, indicating just how strong popular movements can be in establishing central bank accountability and returning gold to a monetary role.
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SWITZERLAND: About to Purchase 1500 Tones of Gold?

The “Yes” vote could have a dramatic influence on the overall gold market. Ole Hansen at Saxo Bank (10/02/2014) explains that the Swiss gold referendum could usher in significant levels of gold buying, which in turn will have an effect on the price of gold. Hansen also mentions in Kitco News (09/30/2014) that the uncertain geopolitical outlook and European growth can act as a motivation for citizens to vote for SNB holding more gold.
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Will This Save the Swiss Financial System?

Bringing the Swiss gold back home and partially backing the Swiss Franc with gold will be extremely beneficial for the long term prosperity of the Swiss economy and the Swiss Franc. It will also make Switzerland respected by people worldwide for introducing sound money. It is also likely to set a trend for other countries to follow Switzerland’s example. Therefore a YES vote on November 30, will not only be beneficial to Switzerland but also to the world economy. It is also likely to have an immediate effect on the depressed and manipulated gold price. The holders of paper gold will be concerned and demand delivery of the physical gold against their paper claim. Since there is nowhere near enough physical gold to cover all the paper claims we are likely to see a major surge in the price of gold.
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Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P 
Alternate Symbol(s):  SOGFF

Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd is engaged in the exploration for and development of petroleum and natural gas reserves in Western Canada and minor operations in the Western United States.
CompanyStrategic Oil & Gas Ltd.
AddressSuite 1800, 510-5th Street S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 3S2 Canada
Email Addresscontactus@sogoil.com
Ownership ClassPublicly-traded corporation
Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (211111)
StatusCommon shares listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.
Executive OfficersArn Schoch - Chairman & CEO
Gurpreet Sawhney - President
Sean Hayes - COO
Jim Screaton - Vice President, Finance & CFO

Bengal Energy Ltd.

Bengal Energy Ltd T.BNG

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P 
Alternate Symbol(s):  BNGLF

Bengal Energy Ltd is a junior oil & gas company. It is engaged in the business of acquiring oil & natural gas properties and exploring for, developing and producing oil & natural gas, in Australia and India.
AddressSuite 1140, 715-6th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 2X6 Canada
Email Addressinfo@bengalenergy.ca
Ownership ClassPublicly-traded corporation
StocksTSX: BNG
Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (211111)
StatusCommon shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Executive OfficersBradley Johnson - Chairman & CEO
Chayan Chakrabarty - President
Bryan Goudie - CFO

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Twin Butte Energy, Update...

Twin Butte Energy Ltd.
One of the juiciest dividend yields in the patch is paid by Twin Butte Energy Ltd. (TSX: TBE), which at 11% is also among the highest and has a sustainable total payout ratio of 75%. More impressively, despite Twin Butte revising its 2014 guidance downwards earlier this year, it has grown crude production during Q2 up a healthy 25% year-over-year. The company also cut operating costs while maintaining a production mix weighted to 90% higher margin oil and liquids.
Twin Butte’s Q2 netback per barrel, a key measure of profitability, shot up a healthy 4% quarter-over-quarter and a massive 19% year-over-year. This bodes well for Twin Butte’s profitability and the sustainability of that monster dividend yield.

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Twin Butte Energy Ltd. TBE/ TBTEF

Twin Butte Energy Ltd T.TBE

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P 
Alternate Symbol(s):  TBTEF

Twin Butte Energy Ltd is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, 
and production of petroleum and natural gas properties in Western Canada.
Twin Butte Energy Ltd.
AddressSuite 410, 396-11th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2R 0C5 Canada
DescriptionAcquisition of, exploration for and development of crude oil and natural gas in western Canada.
Other LocationsFrog Lake, Silverdale, Freemont and Primate heavy oil properties in the Lloydminster AB area; oil and natural gas production from the Bruce, Battlebend and Jenner areas of east central Alberta; oil and natural gas production from the Whitecourt, Thunder and other areas of west central Alberta; natural gas and oil production from the Ansell, Jayar and other areas in the Deep Basin region of Alberta; natural gas production from the Pincher Creek area of Alberta.
Employees49 (2011) 
42 (2010) 
Fiscal YearDec 31
Assets$ 340,664,000 (2011) 
$ 345,710,000 (2010) 
Revenue$ 117,748,000 (2011) 
$ 81,142,000 (2010) 
Net Income$ -22,041,000 (2011) 
$ 1,165,000 (2010) 
AuditorPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Ownership ClassPublicly-traded corporation
StocksTSX: TBE
Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction (211111)
Status6.25% convertible unsecured subordinated debentures (TBE.DB) and common shares (TBE) listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Research LinksCNW Group 
Board MembersDavid M. Fitzpatrick - Chairman
R. James Brown - Boardmember
John A. Brussa - Boardmember
Thomas J. Greschner - Boardmember
James M. Saunders - Boardmember
Warren Steckley - Boardmember
William A. Trickett - Boardmember
Executive OfficersJames M. Saunders - President & CEO
Bruce W. Hall - COO
R. Alan Steele - Vice President, Finance, CFO & Corporate Secretary
Robert D. Bowman - Vice President, Operations
J. Michael Fabi - Vice President, Corporate Development & Planning
Preston Kraft - Vice President, Engineering
Colin Ogilvy - Vice President, Land